A Good Idea About Engagement Rings

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Selecting the right engagement ring can be quite a challenging task, especially with the various options available out there. If you are like many young singles that are on their way to climb the career ladder, you might want to know what the reasonable price range for an engagement ring is. Sure, you do not want to be too thrifty on it, as this might be your once-in-a-lifetime moment and you want to give the right thing to the person you love and care.For engagement rings, you could opt to shop online but only after you make sure that the store has good reputation, or it has brick-and-mortar space somewhere. Helzberg Diamonds and Jared the Galleria can be good destinations for lovers looking to buy engagement rings. Financially speaking, Helzberg Diamonds can be a great option. You can find an oval lab-created sapphire ring for less than $100 or a diamond ring for $1,000 you decide. At the least, when you buy from Helzberg you know that a precious stone is lab-created or not (they give such information upfront to customers), and you can choose jewelry with birthstones, if you want.

You can choose yellow or white gold engagement ring, or platinum engagement ring. Women with blond/ brown-golden hair or gold tint in their skin complexion tend to look best with yellow gold jewelry, while women with darker hair, dark or fair skin often prefer to wear white gold jewelry.

Helzberg Diamonds offer quality jewelry that is less expensive, so that their pieces can fit easily within most people’s budgets. Founded in 1919, Helzberg Diamonds is an indirect subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., with more than 200 stores across the continental US. The North Kansas City-based jewelry business was family-owned and -operated until 1995. Helzberg offers Clearance items (so you get quality jewelry at fantastic price), Layaway Program, and Helzberg Credit Card with flexible financing options.

Good things about Helzberg are, the store enables customers to shop online, get one-on-one consultation in selecting the right diamond, and get to know different diamond certification. You can even play around with interactive carat weight tool at Helzberg website to see which size suits you (and your budget) most.

Concerning your jewelry purchase, you need to realize that money is a serious matter, and if you want your relationship to last, the two of you should have the same financial principles that you two work on together. It is better to be safe than sorry, and enrolling to a financial education class is a great step towards building a better future/ relationship/ family. So, how much should you spend on engagement jewelry?

Generally, the normal rule of thumb for engagement ring is twice of your monthly salary. If you spend more than this, you had better make sure that you would not spend the rest of the year paying for the jewelry. It is always better to have a debt that is used for business, not consumption, and it is even better not to have any debt that involves feelings or love. As the old adage says, if you do not love yourself (and get yourself out of debt), it is simply impossible to love others and build a lasting relationship (because you do not even know how to manage your finances. Get some sound financial advices, go, and select the best engagement ring available that your money can buy, for the person you love.


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