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conflict free diamonds and conflict neutral diamonds Is Different

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Conflict free diamonds

A conflict-free diamonds is a diamond whose profits are illegal and unethical activities, the most common finance wars in Africa passed. These diamonds are extracted under conditions that violate the established ethics of human rights. Conflict free diamonds are diamonds that certifications and current can be traced all the operations involved, from the mine to the customer. Unfortunately, the diamonds have a presence in international markets and clean, free from conflict diamonds sold.

Conflict neutral diamonds

A new concept recently in the context of conflict diamonds, that diamonds imported neutral. It is actually a donation from a consumer or a retail sale or purchase of a diamond. This grant is involved in charities, the victim in the recovery from conflict diamonds. Neutral organization, the conflict is the record of these shares in transactions of diamonds and the corresponding certifications. A third of the donations are earmarked for various charitable organizations, two thirds are to Global Witness, Amnesty International and spread the Red Cross.

These diamonds are beautiful, but the cost of the most precious rights. Diamond includes a lot of victims who work in these conflicts and wars, real miners in inhumane conditions and under severe oppression involved. A large percentage of child labor is used and provide the working conditions or even with water. Unfortunately no authority or donation can offset this loss of quality of life, but can contribute to the lives of those affected by the provision of health care and education.


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