Fashion fashion gold jewelry is clean by a good way

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using the method of deep cleaning and more complex, the precious stones set in gold or pearls classified fashion jewelry.
Extras: A soft / soft brush and mild liquid detergent or baking soda / sodium-free seltzer water, hot water or boiling water, toothpicks, round, soft edges, or sieve.Note: Gold jewelry should be cleaned with a soft cloth or soft brush. Only the use of a mild liquid detergent such as dishwashing liquid with hot water, no detergent mixed. What kind of brush is allowed for the process of cleaning gold jewelry for fashion? In general, a toothbrush is enough for medium and large fashion gold jewelry while eyebrow brush for small fashion gold jewelry can be used.

Method: fashion gold jewelry that has not been cleaned for years been used and / or were exposed to boiling water with oil or fat in a small saucepan and set the fashion gold jewelry in boiling water. Cook for 3-4 minutes or until the fleet of grease, oil or wax in water, take your jewelry with chopsticks or a screen (another tool is great, the idea that jewelry out of the water without scratching) and with a clean cloth.
If you prefer, you can take your fashion gold jewelry in a mixture of liquid soap and hot water (or seltzer / soda) for a quarter of an hour.
Brush the jewelry and rinse with warm water. Wipe dry with a soft cloth and air dry for a few minutes to make sure that the jewelry is completely dry before using them in a separate bag Jewelry / tray / box.
Note: Make sure the locks on jewelry, racks, posts, or before cleaning tips for finding the damage, space, so that you can send a repair shop before cleaning. You do not want to lose the jewel by accident on the drift of the mounting ring when the room is washed in warm water.
Method: Mix the liquid soap with a bowl of hot water, but this time the jewelry should be submerged by water or excess fluid in the liquid mixture was in the assembly of the jewelry / posts / advice expire. Rub the cloth with the mixture of liquid soap and gently rub the cloth on the jewelry, precious stones, and the environment. After wiping the jewelry thoroughly with a damp cloth can be impregnated with a jewelry cloth to clean the hot pure water. You can then dry the air in the form of gold jewelry to ensure that excess water drain or not to be present if you store jewelry in their jewelry pouch / / case / tray.

1st Do not use a stiff brush or scouring powder to clean cloth fashion jewelry in gold. Scrape gold jewelry can easily hurt, and may discolor the jewelry.
2nd Yellow gold jewelry metal, chlorine or bleach, as the dull sheen of gold.
3rd Polish space after use with a soft cloth for polishing, fashion gold jewelry beautiful for a longer period.


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