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You might have read about why choose fashion gold jewelry in the last article. Gold is undoubtedly a goldlong-term investment means, especially in times of crisis like the recent global market crisis that happened earlier this month. These past few days were truly some of the worst days on Wall Street since the 2008 crisis, as the price of stocks decreases again in a global bearish market. Well, since we are not going to discuss stock prices, we might continue with our main topic: fashion gold jewelry, and tips on how to invest in fashion gold jewelry, the right way. invest-in-gold-jewelry

Speaking of investment, fashion gold jewelry is a less lucrative investment, if you compare it to gold bullion or gold coin. Yes, it is true and we are not talking nonsense here. It is a fact that the majority of fashion gold jewelry buyers often want to buy jewelry at current gold spot price, sans the artisanship price. On the other side, jewelry has artisanship cost when you buy the piece. Therefore, many fashion gold jewelry owners sell their fashion gold jewelry at a price that is less than the buying price.

So the question is how can I invest in fashion gold jewelry without losing much money in the process? Here are some goldcommonsense advices from a jeweler friend.

1. When you buy a fashion gold jewelry, make sure that you buy yellow fashion gold jewelry. Although antique pink, rose, or contemporary white fashion gold jewelry could be quite costly due to the history and style, it is better to be back to basic when you choose fashion gold jewelry as an investment means. Yellow fashion gold jewelry can be recognized as gold instantly and jewelers would have less hassle to check their purity. Most jewelers or refiners tend to buy yellow fashion gold jewelry because it can be sold easily in many parts of the globe, is highly versatile, and the demand is high.
2. It is always better to find fashion gold jewelry that contains plenty of gold. What we mean here is, a gold ring generally has too little amount of gold that it could not be considered as a goldinvestment means, and it is often has gemstones that many jewelers do not want to appraise at a high price unless you have really rare gemstone or diamond on the setting. Hence, gold bracelet or gold necklace is a better investment option than gold ring. The picture we use here is a 18k gold bracelet, sold at You need to keep in mind that jewelers risk their money to buy your jewelry. If your jewelry style were out-of-date, they would have to melt your gold and take out the gemstone to make a new jewelry that meets the current market trend/ demand.
3. Find fashion gold jewelry that has goldpercentage of gold. Generally, 14k gold bracelet or necklace is considered as goldinvestment already. However, getting 18k or up is better. If you settle for less, you would lose a significant portion of your investment because buyer would eliminate the artisanship value and you are left with a low offer for your low-percentage gold. Thus, it is not a goldidea to buy less than 14k gold, as you could not expect to get much when you sell the jewelry.
4. Find fashion gold jewelry that lasts. Broken chains would cost you repair before you sell the piece. After all, you would want to have an investment that lasts, because the value of your asset would grow as years go by. Spend time to check on the clasps, chain, and other features on the jewelry.
5. Take care of your fashion jewelry. Carelessness could make you lose significant value of your investment over the years. Store each inside a separate fabric pouch and store them in a goldquality jewelry box. If you have collected tens to hundreds of yellow fashion gold jewelry already, you may consider storing your jewelry inside a safe deposit box in a bank or buy quality, fire-and-theft-proof jewelry safe.

By following the advices above, you would have eliminated unnecessary losses that may happen because this is the first time you invest in fashion gold jewelry. To get best profit possible from the capital gain, you can choose classic style jewelry that lasts for decades. After all, you get the benefit of wearing the jewelry before you sell it, right? Investing in fashion gold jewelry does not seem that gloomy after all. Check our articles on how to clean fashion gold jewelry to help you keep your fashion gold jewelry looks dazzling and investment value high at the same time.


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