Faux Crystal Jewelry for young adults

August 17th, 2011 by admin Leave a reply »

When it comes to wearing crystal jewelry, young adults, seniors, and kids tend to love them. Crystal jewelry typically refers to bracelets or necklaces or ankle bracelets that are made of durable string, filled with crystal beads. Crystal beads tend to sparkle whenever they are exposed to lights –be it sun light or lamp light.However, giving kids expensive crystal jewelry might not be a financially wise option, as they tend to break things easily (unless they know the value of that particular crystal jewelry you gave them and they are willing to wear the jewelry with care). If the kids simply want to wear crystal bracelet or crystal necklace just like what Mom wears, then cheaper faux crystal jewelry can be a good alternative so that kids get what they want and Mom would not get upset if anything happen to the crystal jewelry.

There are several good faux crystal jewelry that you can buy on the web. I am not talking about Swarovski here. Here is a sample of what I bought from a friend. Each faux crystal bracelet is sold at $3,5/ piece sans the delivery/ shipping cost, a good deal I think. My teenage cousin also loves wearing them. From faux blue aquamarine to bloody garnet/ spinel, and dark faux tanzanite, and light-colored jacinth, these faux crystal jewelry is a great addition to kids’ day-to-day jewelry.


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