Gold Snake Bracelet A surprise for you

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Gold snake bracelet, snake-shaped necklace, and bags or snake clutch bags that use imitation or genuine snake hide are all the fashion these days, as celebrities wearing gold snake bracelets, silver snake necklaces, and snake-shaped rings to premieres and award nights. Good quality antique gold snake bracelet can be sold at high price whenever the demands are high, while serpent-shaped jewelry using less precious materials can be found at Amazon, eBay, or other jewelry store at a highly affordable
If you are interested in purchasing antique gold or silver snake bracelet, snake bangles, snake anklets, or necklaces, you could search for auction houses’ scheduled auctions or search online for the best deals available that fits your budget and personal taste. Buy items that you are willing to wear for that sum of money, and if you have the chance to visit a local antique jewelry dealer, make sure that you bought a jewelers loupe to check the piece for dents/ cracks/ splits so you know what you are buying.
Although it seems new, but serpent shaped jewelry that is made of precious metal has been known since the time of antiquity. The most popular shape is perhaps the Ouroboros, which depicts a snake eating its own tail. The term Ouroboros came from Greek words Oura (Tail), and Boros (Eating), which when used together, represents self-reflexivity, something that re-creates itself since the beginning of time and continues re-creating itself in the years to come. The snake represents something that has been there since the beginning and would not be extinguished by any means of men.
Ouroboros representations in various paintings and antique jewelry have been found in various ancient civilizations, including the Egyptian civilization, ancient Greek, India, Mexico, and the Middle Ages. The Ouroboros symbolizes cycle of life, the beginning through the end of life, immortality, rebirth, intelligence, the divine power, and contentment. The snake, either biting its tail or not, symbolizes something that lacks nothing and defends itself against no one.


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