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How to maintenance pearl jewelry

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Caring for pearl jewelry is a little more difficult than taking care of all the metals, or even metal and stone jewelry because pearls are easily damaged. Here are some things to consider: Pearls are softer than most stones C scratch so easily. I suggest storing pearls wrapped in a cloth, so that does not scratch other jewelry in your jewelry box.
The beads can be acid C almost everything, including dressing with vinegar, are damaged, for example. After the use of beads close to the skin, or perhaps get in touch with the association and other low-acid foods, and clean with a soft, damp cloth. If the beads strung on silk and silk do not want to get wet, because it can stretch, but the pearls are strung on wire or SET actually flushed and cleaned with a mild detergent.
Since the beads can be damaged by chemicals in hair and beauty products, do not use spray paint or perfume, deoderant, etc., while wearing her pearls. Ideally, the beads are the last thing you said before leaving, and the first thing to remove when you return home.
Use a bath to clean silver jewelry that contains both the silver and pearls. In a recent paper describes a safer method to remove rust from silver jewelry with beads with aluminum foil, baking soda and warm water.


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