Silver Snake Bracelet is a wonderful

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After discussing about timeless gold snake bracelet earlier this month, we are about to discuss silver snake bracelet. Silver is perhaps the second most highly sought after precious metal after gold. Investors put some of their cash into gold and silver, and common folks love stunning silver jewelry due to its affordability. People in ancient civilizations have used silver as means of trade, store of wealth, and jewelry, although the value was considered lower than gold.

Snake shaped jewelry has been around for some time, with artifacts and ancient jewelry dating back to the time of antiquity. Some people wear snake bracelet as a good luck charm, others wear it for prosperity and fertility, and many more simply wear their bracelet because celebrities and other famous people wear it! Snake bracelets vary in style, shape, and size, even origin. You could search for Victorian snake bracelets made of gold and silver, or Czarist Russian silver snake bracelet that was made in late 19th century, the choice is yours.Personally, I prefer getting antique silver snake bracelet than modern, machine-made one due to the detail, one-of-its-kind feature (as many of them were hand-made), and twinkling gemstones that were carved for its eyes. However, the deeper reason why I love antique snake silver bracelet is because it astonishes me whenever a craftsman with limited range of hand tool could produce such beautiful, intricate, detailed artwork (not to mention the low wages craftsmen had during those times). silver_snake_bracelet

The stunning silver snake bracelet I feature here is a Czarist Russian bracelet, circa 1890 by Georgian Jewelry (which is already sold out by the time I write this). With faceted ruby as the eyes, the snake is carefully made to coil in such a way that you can make it stand against its mouth or tail. The chin is marked Sterling, while the tip of the tail is marked 84, which means it has .875 parts silver out of 1000.

If you are considering purchasing antique silver snake bracelet, you need to make sure that you get over the learning curve. Know how to assess the metal quality. For example, the Russians measured their silver in 1900s with Zolotniks measurements, with pure silver being 96 Zolotniks. You might also want to get a jewelers loupe, and learn how to use jewelers loupe to check whether the rubies on the snake eyes authentic and antique, or just recently being replaced (this bracelet has the eyes replaced).

Finally, measure the bracelet or ask the jeweler about the size and weight. You may also browse around for similar jewelry (the internet makes it easy for us to compare prices nowadays), and decide how much you are willing to pay for the bracelet, before you decide to purchase your very first silver snake bracelet.


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