Sugar Beads jewelry you will see a surprise

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Jewelry Beads Polymer Clay Sugar is even thinking surpriseI was not a means for jewelry designers. This was at home mothers who use a material that is a nice little ladybug charm or something, then you play in your kitchen oven could bake wanted to stay. Some projects, in order to break the monotony at home all the time to tell them something and show your friends.

Boy, was I proved wrong! I saw beads and jewelry that I could never imagine to be made with polymer clay.

Polymer clay beads discovered, sugar sugar BeadsToday, and I found two ways to make a C with tiny beads, and the other with a frit. The two begin a series of polymer clay that is rolled into the accounts or fried. Both are nice, but I really like is the micro version of the day there is a uniform.

These are the modern version of vintage beads, which are made of glass or Plexiglas. Each bead is first formed into polymer clay and then baked at 275 degrees for about 25 minutes. The sugar is applied, and baked the bulge again.

Sugar accounts are easy to make and can add a little spice to an otherwise simple statements add separators. Just roll the ball on the tips of micro-chips, or if it is hot enough to pick up the layer, but not so hot that it loses its shape. Then put the pan in the refrigerator for the flame to ensure that all bits are set in place.

Vintage glass beads from Japan BeadsSugar sugar in 1900. They were tiny grains of glass or plastic cover looks like granulated sugar. Accounts of the sugar crop was very popular in the 1950s. After the Second World War to work in Japan and the Japanese production of large quantities of expensive jewelry was cheap, but it was frowned upon.

The craftsmen in Japan, poor as they were back then were also very talented. There is also glass beads, hand-painted art glass and plastic beads, acrylic and aluminum coatings and the northern lights used in your jewelry. The combinations of color and shape are estimated fabulous now.

jewelryVintage sugarcane harvest crops NecklaceThis celluloid balls necklace is a fun combination of grains of sugar, celluloid chain and leaves. The string is attached to the inclusion of twisted black satin. The chain has no clasp, but mainly relating


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