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The way to choose that perfect pearl

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Pearls are known for their elegant beauty and fascinating all women over the centuries. This article highlights the important things light when choosing a pearl necklace.

There are basically four types of Tahitian pearls, South Sea, Akoya and freshwater pearls. Apart from all other species of freshwater pearls pearls from the sea and are considered more valuable in comparison with freshwater pearls because of its rarity and high brightness.

As with any other precious stones in the common value of pearls is determined by its quality features. Pearls are classified according to their grade A, AA, AA +, AAA and AAA + to AAA and AAA + is the best in quality and price.

Maximum attention when buying pearl jewelry sets pearl in thick. Pearl is a pearl producing oysters coating to reveal the core.
Nacre is the key to how long the pearl will decide. When buying you should look for a pearl that gave a minimum nacre thickness of 0.4 mm.

Brightness is the amount of light from the surface of the bead resists. Pearls with high-gloss, high gloss and a clean surface is more valuable.

Price pearls larger than 7mm varies greatly in the size of the pearl. The most commonly used beads are round and are considered more convenient.

To meet in pearl necklaces and bracelets means that all the pearls are similar in a chain or bracelet. Since it is very difficult, the pearls are very similar or identical to a necklace or a bracelet for all maturities, which has an icon for the game to synchronize a higher price to find.

After deciding on the size, type, quality and color of the lamp you are looking for, please take the time to shop around and find the perfect bracelet or necklace.


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