White Rose and Gold Jewelry is Beautiful

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gold is yellow in color, naturally. However, pure gold would be too soft to be made into jewelry. That is why we know that gold is often combined with other metal to form a solid precious metal product. Today, we can find a variety of gold, including yellow, white, and colored gold. The color of gold is largely affected by the different metal that is included into the gold mixture.

If a jeweler/ refiner combine an equal portion of copper and gold, he/she would come up with a red gold. Meanwhile, reduce the copper by half and increase the gold by half, and one will come up with a rose gold. So, what is white gold and why is it more expensive than yellow gold? yellow red white gold ringsA white gold is an alloy of gold that is combined with white colored metal such as silver, nickel, or palladium. Typically, a white gold jewelry would be coated with Rhodium to give its stunning white color. By adding Rhodium coating, white gold jewelry becomes whiter (as the previous method would leave the gold to be light grayish in color). However, Rhodium wears away over the years. That is the reason why a white gold jewelry owner should take their jewelry to jewelers to have it re-rhodium plated every few years or whenever it seems necessary.

White gold is usually more expensive than yellow or rose gold due to the price of materials that are involved. As you might have guessed, silver, palladium, nickel, or rhodium costs more than copper and zinc. This is the reason why white gold is often more expensive than yellow or rose gold. Eventually, it is all about taste that helps you to make the purchasing decision.

As an example, one might choose an antique Russian rose gold ring over white diamond ring, although the intrinsic value of rose gold might be lower than the white gold jewelry, or one might choose yellow gold over white because they do not need to be re-rhodium treated over the years. The choice is truly personal and it depends on how you perceive which key factors are more valuable than the others that you can eventually decide which type of gold you want from your jewelry.


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