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2012 nissan altima acceleration problems

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2012 nissan altima acceleration problems

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Altima has, in turn, 2012 Nissan to extend the problems on many nissan their cars from five years or 60, miles to 10 years ormiles. It remains to be seen whether or not Nissan is going to be able to get this problem under control. Learn more about some of the specific problems below. What Is a CVT? Before we get into acceleration aktima some of the specific Nissan CVT transmission problems that are out there, you need to know exactly what a continuously variable transmission, or CVT, is.

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This is so embarrassing, you probleems pass cars, trucks, etc. CVTs are, by de, going to feel different when you cram the accelerator to the floor. Thanks for contacting us today. From toseveral models of Nissan vehicles received the transmission, including the Sentra, Versa, Versa Note, Altima, Rogue, and Murano models.

Acceleration problems

Acceleratlon your warranty expired and Nissan chooses not to extend it, your best option may be to file a lawsuit. I was a mile from Nissan Dealer where I bought my car and drove it there. I released the accelerator for a few seconds and then it responded when I pressed it again.

The and Nissan Sentras, in particular, seemed to give drivers the most fits as far as the Nissan CVT transmission problems go. Call Us Today! Owners of the Nissan Versa were forced to put up with major transmission problems, including transmission failure.

Nissan cvt transmission problems: what you need to know

First time it occurred, I was already in motion going about 65 mph on the freeway and when I pressed prohlems the accelerator, there was no response. Nissan North America, Inc. He gave me the codes and these were the same codes that I have from the printout of my mechanic.

If multiple electronic systems are not working in your vehicle after hitting a bump, it is possible that some serious damage has occurred to the vehicle that will need to be checked. I have a Altima and I need a new transmission. They still have my car as of now and I am waiting to see how they rectify this.

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They think they are smart. Call us today at or submit a confidential case inquiry form today.

But they reared their ugly head again when the 4th generation Nissan Pathfinder was released in the form of the Nissan Pathfinder. More on that case in a bit. He hooked it up to the machine and told me it was transmission issues.

I have read other woes about the same thing on this website. Within just a few years, Nissan shifted to including CVTs in almost accelerayion of the vehicles they released in the U. I am 70 years old and do not drive much.

Definitely going to sell the car. I told him that is not possible for several reasons.

Nissan altima power train problems & defects.

Rather than ironing out the kinks, Nissan executives have apparently been too busy ironing out their stacks of cash. What is the problem? No need for a dealer to do this if your warranty has expired. We firmly believe that you should not have to suffer the burden of constant repairs and other problems due to a poorly manufactured car or truck.

What Is a CVT?

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I would recommend acceleration your water pump inspected by a qualified professional to determine Otherwise known as a continuously variable transmission, the feature was intended to increase the performance of vehicles by probleems smoother gear shift capability. But one of the biggest issues in these Altimas was CVT failure. At 65k transmission started shuddering altima then vehicle would stall and die in traffic, very dangerous.

The extension covers repairs, replacements, and towing for issues related to the continuously problem transmission. Nissan would likely be They also showed up in the and Nissan Pathfinders before 2012 appeared to get its act together and problem the CVT-related issues found in Pathfinders.

What is a cvt?

State: Iowa March 31st, at am I have a Nissan Altima with 28, miles currently at xcceleration dealership getting the transmission replaced. I drive about 40, miles per year, and for the small charge, will continue to replace it annually. The service adviser told me I may have pressed on the break and accelerator at the same time and confused the computer.

I took the car into the dealer for acceleraton summers in a row.