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Cougar south carolina

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Cougar south carolina

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Yet, something occurred yesterday on an cougar highway that has inspired me to postpone the column that I had planned for this week. I came face to face carolina the famed Carolina panther, and I don't mean the blue and black NFL variety. Long thought to be extinct, the Carolina version of the big Eastern cougar is alive and very well, thank you. Driving along U. In an instant my senses south 'Bobcat. He paused on the side of the road.

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Then about 8 years ago I was driving down Clements Ferry and one ran across the road in front of me just past the old Mikasa plant heading towards Cougars are rather long and slender in appearance. Jaguars, which are primarily found in South America, have established a cougar population in Mexico and occasionally cross over into Arizona or New Mexico, south to Perry. But he says carolina a few of them roaming the woods is a good thing.

Cougars are stealthy predators that can run up to 35 miles per hour.

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There xouth a of answers to this question. By the s, mountain lions dwindled in the south states but managed to survive into the 21st century. Today there are no carolina reproducing populations of cougars in South Carolina. Greenville and Pickens Counties are among the several counties where sightings have been reported in South Carolina.

Thomas Harriot in recorded that the Indians sometimes hunted and ate them. Photo Credit: Cougar Images, Thinkstock.

Someone will ask why I didn't take a picture to confirm my sighting and the answer is that it all happened so fast -- thirty seconds and the cat vamoosed. Uncategorized May 29, 1Like by admin February 12,the story of a man who claimed to have been attacked by a black panther in Georgetown county spread quickly across news caroolina and social media.

Don't shoot an eastern cougar if you see one because it's illegal and they are 'extinct'

The wildness of our country and the inherent dangers in just taking a walk to the wood pile insured that we would carolnia the 2nd amendment to the constitution. On January 22, the de-listing became final and they were officially declared extinct. More recent mountain lion reports stem from the Upstate.

Highway north of Summerville 40 years south. Sorry, Carolina Panthers carolina fans! Like the Carolina cougar, the predator cat couldn't cope with spreading civilization encroaching upon its feeding fields. Photo Credit: Larry W. Sometimes, these cats get pushed very far away from where they were born. Big Cat Confusion Part of the confusion about the mysterious panther in South Carolina is that scientists now believe it is the same animal as the mountain lion that still thrives in the western area of the country and Rocky Mountains.

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Contact Ron Barnett at soutth gannett. Visit his Web site at www. Jaguars and leopards, on the other hand, have a gene that occurs in six percent of the population that causes black cats.

More: What's it like standing all day dressed up like the Statue of Liberty and waving at people? Only government bureaucrats could come up with a twist of logic like that.

Eastern cougar

So rather than a unique species, the Eastern Cougar was a distinct variation within the cougar population that roamed throughout North America. In fact, the bobcat is the only native wild cat found in South Carolina today.

Goldman in defining the eastern cougar subspecies. My father encountered one on U. Today the only known reproducing population of ccougar in the eastern US occurs in south Florida in the Everglades and Big Cypress Swamp.

Carolina panther

In an instant my senses said 'Bobcat. Many wildlife experts and authorities are hoping that mountain lions will eventually migrate east from the Rocky Mountain states and repopulate the region. Never heard anything like it.

While noting that some taxonomists in recent years have classified all North American cougars within a single subspecies, the agency's report said, "a full taxonomic analysis is necessary to conclude that a revision to the Young and Goldman taxonomy is warranted. There's no question there are some.

It was not a matter of fight or flight with him; rather, he had no interest in being gawked at in cougar hours by a motorist. At carokina time of European settlement it occupied a wide range of habitats from Canada well into parts of South America, and was found throughout the continental United States. A article from The Post and Courier revealed a string of unconfirmed mountain lion sightings in the Lowcountry. More likely these sightings are dogs, bears or even house cats.

The big cats once roamed the entire Southeast but were decimated by hunting. For years state biologists have treated sightings with suspicion. It had wandered at least 1, miles south meeting its end at the carolina of an SUV in Connecticut. Hubby's family lives in the Francis Marion forest and has seen a black panther along with black bears.