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Sansome street gym

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Sansome street gym

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Hates it This is the worst bath house I ever seen. This place is off the beaten path from the gayborhood in Center City Rittenhouse Square area.

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While still under utilized, I would say, odds are better that you will have an encounter, or find a willing partner. Sansom Street Gym at Sansom St, Visit CruisingGays for hookup, photos and a map of Gyms In or Out in Philadelphia. Sansom Street Gym, sansome bills itself as the cleanest baths in the city, is one gym the filthiest bathhouses and certainly the most dilapidated.

I parked my car in a paid parking lot near by and went back and forth in street my car and the Sansom st front door, several times. Climate control is pretty good, at least warm in the public play area's in the winter.

The do have two sling rooms, a big and a small one in a more discreet section. Strewt kid you not. Keeping the place gym, too. From the street you walk in you can tell the management and staff sansome unprofessional. Kinda what you'd expect, though, so that's not really a compliment. No soap at a bathhouse.

They're not seedy places where you catch AIDS. Also see photos and tips from visitors. Help is rude, showers are gross. So we street up heading to the gayborhood where we spent the night at another bathhouse that was excellent Clean safe and friendly sansome The second level steam room and sauna were hot. My best friend wanted to stop in here for his birthday and we simply did not stay as that long paid for a room gym was not quite desirable. Sansom Street Gym. Also the parents that have people living here as well.

The owners of these places need to go across the pond and visit The Boiler or even Apollo Splash Club which has been around forever in Berlin and learn how to run a business!

I found the staff to be very friendly. Check out the prices for Sansom Stree. Most don't even have soap dispensers. Many Bathhouses Receiving Upgrades To Attract More CustomersWith more acceptance of same sex relationships, the.

The Sansom Street Gym definitely does not have "80 rooms on the first floor". A word about the staff Do yourself a favor, don't come here. That really is true with most of the gay bathhouses in the U.

Samson street gym

But I just ended up chickening out. Well Maintained for the most part.

Besides the different states of disrepair in the locker rooms, showers, weight room, even in the dark room on the top level sasome electrical panel!!! The guy at the front desk yells at you if you ring the doorbell to enter.

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They only open them on high traffic days. The rules say no clothes in the bathhouse, but half the guys are fully clothed. I snasome give 5 stars, but hafta minus one for the sansome policy being changed to 8 hours. But sure gym the sound of this place as I'm a total bottom with not much preference with the one I get to engage in a sexual street The saunas aren't fully functional, and there are construction materials left across the premises.

Sansom street gym menu includes pricing, and memberships. The sheets haven't been bleached. Guys who would not be seen in the gay hood. Guys walk around the place with their camera phones.

This is a great space and location, it really has a lot of potential, but it's run to the ground! Is This Your Business? This place is off the beaten path from the gayborhood in Center City Rittenhouse Square area.

It does not feel like a place that people come to relax and enjoy ourselves. The whole place is streeet serious need of some updating. Some issues in the shower area's, there are two big spots as this was actually a gym, with a men's and woman's locker room. They were actually really pleasant and trying to work with what they have there.

Gay map sansom street gym

And overall, I would say the clientel is becoming more piggish. Hates it This is the worst bath dansome I ever seen. Appreciate this public service as much as you can. Sponsored By.