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Still in love song

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Still in love song

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Sean Paul and Sasha the female counterpart are discussing a stalled and seemingly unfulfilled relationship.

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Sean Paul and Sasha the female counterpart are discussing a stalled and seemingly unfulfilled relationship.

Though the original version's message was more vague, the message in this version seems much clearer in explaining the relationship between the characters in the song's story. Paul's character is trying to explain that lovw relationship was somewhat of an extended one-night stand, and that it has no future; Sasha's character seems to want to continue the relationship, despite Paul's admittance of "thug" love because she remains in love with him.

Bobby Tench version[ edit ]. Alton Ellis' version was originally produced as a one-man song, but he later teamed up with his sister, Hortense Ellis to perform a duet.

Scottish singer Frankie Ln also featured on the Nightlife version of the song, ing Lynott in a duet. Live versions of the song were released as the b-side of the "Thunder and Lightning" single in Apriland as one of four tracks on the 12" release of "Dedication" in Sasha's vocal patterns more closely resemble Marcia's interpretation than that of the Ellis'.

Aitken's version of the song featured a slight but noticeable difference in vocal pitch from either of the Ellis' versions. During —12, the touring version of Thin Lizzy performed the song as a duet, with vocals shared between keyboard player Darren Wharton and frontman Ricky Warwick.

The song is usually played in the key of A minor but Thin Lizzy often down-tuned half a step when playing live for a heavier live sound, as is the case for the sonng live album, Live and Dangerousmaking the actual key recorded A flat minor. InBrazilian singer Anitta remade and reenacted the visuals for Sean Paul's original video with her song "Terremoto," featuring Brazilian rapper Kevinho.

It wasn't until this moment that the song showed a romantic battle between two parties to continue a seemingly ruined relationship.